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  • What is the Time Frame to Complete The Process?
    Every Case is UNIQUE, our office can not predict the time frame that your case may take. The KEY to better and faster results is to Keep your account ACTIVE by keeping your MONTHLY call to our office
  • Does A-1 Credit for me Monitors my Credit Scores?
    No, our office does not track your credit scores. There are many Credit Scores Formulas and they all will provide scores based on their Sequences and Criteria.
  • What happens if I am not receiving my Credit Reports in The Mail?
    There are many reasons why you are not receiving your credit reports thru the mail. One and the most common reason is that there is problems with the USPS service in your area. After COVID 19 and Election Mail Issues, many consumers are not receiving reports via USPS Mail. The Solution: Make your Monthly Call to our office, so that our speciallized team can obtain your reports Online or Via Phone and keep your account active.
  • What happens if I pay a Collection Account, will it be removed from my credit reports?"
    It depends; there are no guarantees of removing the account from the credit report after making the payment. Making payments to a Collection Account will update its balance on your credit report as "Paid Collection"
  • Student Loans - What to Do?
    We recomend that you become current and set a monthly payment arragament if your student loans are late or in default. Also we recommend the consolidation of all student loans into one. In case for whaterver reason you default on them again, only one will be reported as negative to your credit reports, Most of Student Loans are Government Subsidiced, and paying them will prevent that the loan(s) get referred to the US DEPT OF ED for collections. (You may not receive refunds from the IRS when filling your Taxes.)
  • Utility Collections, WHY they keep coming Back?"
    Usually collections from utility accounts like (Electrical, Cell Phone, Cable, Water, Etc.) get transferred from collector to collector over time. To AVOID this, we recommend that when you receive the Collection Notice, communicate with them to make the payment and request to receive payment confirmation via email or mail. This will STOP the collection from being recycled amount different other collectors.
  • What are the Benefits of the iVIP Program?
    Main benefit of being an iVIP Client - a dedicated representative will work on your account monthly to help you achieve better results. You will also pay a discounted rate per result. Ask your representative for details. Also notice that this is an optional service subject to annual subscription. You may cancel 30 days prior to renewal.
  • I have been Sued, What do I Do?"
    Simple, just call the attorney listed on the court documents and make an arrangement to settle the account in full for less amount, or make a monthly arrangement. Avoiding a judgment will prevent a possible garnishment of your wages.
  • Can Original Creditors sell the account to a collector?
    YES, once your debt has been sold to a debt purchaser you owe them the money, not the original creditor. The debt purchaser must follow the same rules as your original creditor when they collect the debt, and you keep all the same legal rights. For example, they can’t add on interest and charges to your debt unless they are permitted to do so in the terms of your original credit agreement. Example of accounts: Synchrony Bank, Comenity Capital, Capital One, Credit One, just to mention a few.
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